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Some Great Reward

  1. Something To Do 3.46
  2. My little girl
    Won't you come with me
    Come with me
    Tell me
    Is there something to do
    I'm going crazy with boredom
    Come with me
    Tell me
    Grey sky over a black town
    I can feel depression
    All around
    You've got your leather boots on
    I can't stand another drink
    It's surprising this town
    Doesn't sink
    You've got your leather boots on
    Your pretty dress is oil stained
    From working too hard
    For too little
    You've got your leather boots on
    You're feeling the boredom too
    I'd gladly go with you
    I'd put your leather boots on
    I'd put your pretty dress on
  3. Lie To Me 5.03
  4. Come on and lay with me
    Come on and lie to me
    Tell me you love me
    Say I'm the only one
    Experiences have a lasting impression
    But words once spoken
    Don't mean a lot now
    Belief is the way
    The way of the innocent
    And when I say innocent
    I should say naive
    So lie to me
    But do it with sincerity
    Make me listen
    Just for a minute
    Make me think
    There's some truth in it
    Promises made for convenience
    Aren't necessarily
    What we need
    Truth is a word
    That's lost its meaning
    The truth has become
    Merely half-truth
    So lie to me
    Like they do it in the factory
    Make me think
    That at the end of the day
    Some great reward
    Will be coming my way
  5. People Are People 3.52
  6. People are people
    So why should it be
    You and I should get along so awfully
    So we're different colours
    And we're different creeds
    And different people have different needs
    It's obvious you hate me
    Though I've done nothing wrong
    I've never even met you so what could I have done
    I can't understand
    What makes a man
    Hate another man
    Help me understand
    Help me understand
    Now you're punching
    And you're kicking
    And you're shouting at me
    I'm relying on your common decency
    So far it hasn't surfaced
    But I'm sure it exists
    It just takes a while to travel
    From your head to your fists
  7. It Doesn't Matter 4.45
  8. I am happy
    That I have you
    Even though you're not here now
    I know somewhere
    You are dreaming
    Though it's definitely not of me
    It doesn't matter
    If all this shatters
    Nothing lasts forever
    But I'm praying
    That we're staying
    I am warmed
    By your friendship
    Even when you're far away
    And I'm happy
    In the knowledge
    We may never see the day
    When I kiss you
    And you kiss me
    Don't pretend you miss me
    The worst kind
    Of diseases mind
    Is on filled with jealousy
    If we should meet again
    Don't try to solve the puzzle
    Just lay down next to me
    And please don't move a muscle
    I will thank you
    Most of all for
    The respect you have for me
    I'm embarrassed
    It overwhelms me
    Because I don't deserve any
  9. Stories Of Old 3.14
  10. Take a look at unselected cases
    You'll find love has been wrecked
    By both sides compromising
    Amounting to a disastrous effect
    You hear stories of old
    Of princes bold
    With riches untold
    Happy souls
    Casting it all aside
    To take some bride
    To have the girl of their dreams
    At their side
    But not me
    I couldn't do that
    Not me
    I'm not like that
    I couldn't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love
    I really like you
    I'm attracted to you
    The way you move
    The things you do
    I'll probably burn in hell
    For saying this
    But I'm really in heaven
    Whenever we kiss
    But Oh no!
    You won't change me
    You can try
    For an eternity
    I wouldn't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love
    Now I've got things to do
    You have too
    And I've got to be me
    You've got to be you
    So take my hand
    And feel these lips
    And let's savour a kiss
    Like we'd savour a sip
    Of vintage wine
    One more time
    Let's surrender
    To this love divine
    But we won't sacrifice
    Anything at all
    To love
  11. Somebody 4.27
  12. I want somebody to share
    Share the rest of my life
    Share my innermost thoughts
    Know my intimate details
    Someone who'll stand by my side
    And give me support
    And in return
    She'll get my support
    She will listen to me
    When I want to speak
    About the world we live in
    And life in general
    Though my views may be wrong
    They may even be perverted
    She will hear me out
    And won't easily be converted
    To my way of thinking
    In fact she'll often disagree
    But at the end of it all
    She will understand me

    I want somebody who cares
    For me passionately
    With every thought and with every breath
    Someone who'll help me see things
    In a different light
    All the things I detest
    I will almost like
    I don't want to be tied
    To anyone's strings
    I'm carefully trying to steer clear
    Of those things
    But when I'm asleep
    I want somebody
    Who will put their arms around me
    And kiss me tenderly
    Though things like this
    Make me sick
    In a case like this
    I'll get away with it
  13. Master And Servant 4.12
  14. There's a new game
    We like to play you see
    A game with added reality
    You treat me like a dog
    Get me down on my knees
    We call it master and servant
    We call it master and servant
    It's a lot like life
    This play between the sheets
    With you on top and me underneath
    Forget all about equality
    Let's play master and servant
    Let's play master and servant
    It's a lot like life
    And that's what's appealing
    If you despise that throwaway feeling
    From disposable fun
    Then this is the one
    Domination's the name of the game
    In bed or in life
    They're both just the same
    Except in one you're fulfilled
    At the end of the day
    Let's play master and servant
    Let's play master and servant
    Let's play master and servant
    Come on master and servant
  15. If You Want 4.40
  16. Working week's come to its end
    Party time is here again
    Everyone can come if they want to
    If you want to be with me
    If you want to be with me
    You can come with me if you want to
    Exercise your basic right
    We could build a building site
    From the bricks of shame is built the hope
    If you want to be with me
    If you want to be with me
    Even though you may still not want to
    Let tomorrow and today
    Bring a life of ecstacy
    Wipe away your tears of confusion
    If you want to be with me
    If you want to be with me
    You can come with me if you want to
    Even though you still may not want to
  17. Blasphemous Rumours 6.22
  18. Girl of 16
    Whole life ahead of her
    Slashed her wrists
    Bored with life
    Didn't succeed
    Thank the lord
    For small mercies

    Fighting back the tears
    Mother reads the note again
    16 candles burn in her mind
    She takes the blame
    It's always the same
    She goes down on her knees
    And prays

    I don't want to start
    Any blasphemous rumours
    But I think that God's
    Got a sick sense of humour
    And when I die
    I expect to find Him laughing

    Girl of 18
    Fell in love with everything
    Found new life
    In Jesus Christ
    Hit by a car
    Ended up
    On a life support machine

    Summer's day
    As she passed away
    Birds were singing
    In the summer sky
    Then came the rain
    And once again
    A tear fell
    From her mother's eye

    I don't want to start
    Any blasphemous rumours
    But I think that God's
    Got a sick sense of humour
    And when I die
    I expect to find Him laughing




DepecheModeと一緒に青春を駆け抜けた自分にとって、彼らのアルバムというと絶対コレ。分かりやすい社会派でシニカルな歌詞とテクノな音は、今でも(だからこそ?)若者の共感を得ると思います。この頃(Construction Time Againとコレ)のDepecheModeは、労働党の広告塔とかイギリスで揶揄されてましたけど(笑)。
シングルカットされた"Master And Servant"や"People Are People"は、25年以上を経た今でもヨーロッパとかのクラブシーンで頻繁にかかります。それだけ、音も内容も古さを感じないし踊れます。特に"Master And Servant"は、今の世の中だからこそ、若者の共感を得るんじゃないでしょうか。
このアルバムは初めの"Something To Do"から終わりの"Blasphemous Rumours"まで一貫性があって全曲良いけど、欲を言うと、今なら(一貫性を壊しても)直後に出たシングル" Shake the Disease"がボーナスでこのCDに入っててもイイかなと思いました。
私が最もDepecheModeにハマってたのは"Everything Counts"から" Shake the Disease"までなので、この"Some Great Reward"が個人的には最高傑作です。










イギリスの国民的バンド、Depeche Mode。いろいろな変遷を遂げてきた彼らですが、しいて一番好きなアルバムを選ぶとしたら私はコレ。私が高校生のときにリリースされた作品ですが、サウンド・リリックとも素晴らしく、小さなノートにリリックを書き写して持ち歩いたほどです。

#2は、望みがない(であろう)恋の相手の女性に「嘘を言ってくれ 僕を愛していると あなたしかいないと」としか願うことができないという悲しい歌。#6は、それこそ高校の教室から外を眺めながら口ずさんだなぁ。♪I want somebody to share, share the rest of my life...ってね(照笑)。そして、大ヒットした#3。これは大学の卒業旅行(貧乏一人旅)の際に、たまたまドーバー海峡を渡るフェリーの上で知り合ったイギリス人と共に歌い、それからの友情を育むきっかけとなった思い出深い曲です。



この前のアルバム(「CONSTRUCTION TIME AGAIN」)あたりから、アインシュツルツェンデ・ノイバウテンの影響を受けたのか、メタル・パーカッションが多様されてます。

彼らの代表曲「PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE」「MASTER AND SURVANT」あたりがかなりキテテます。まだ色褪せてない。



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